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Convert Your Oil Furnace and Water Heater to Gas. Start Saving Money!

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High Heating Costs Predicted this Winter!

Are you spending thousand to heat your home or business? Call the heating experts at The Plumber Company of Rhode Island: 401-270-2900. We can give you an estimate of the cost of switching your oil-burning furnace to a fuel-efficient, eco-friendly natural gas furnace or boiler.

Act Now

Many companies that make high efficiency boilers are predicting shortages this fall and winter of boilers, furnaces, natural gas and high efficiency heating and hot water equipment. It is likely as home heating oil prices rocket around like a roller coaster that supplies of boilers that use far less energy than traditional boilers will be in short supply. RI Energy is honoring N-Grid rebates until the end of 2022.


Our heating and cooling specialists help homeowners and businesses throughout Rhode Island find the heating system that meets their needs. One of our customers was spending $6,000 on heating oil each winter. After converting to a gas furnace, that heating bill went down to less than $1,000!

Financing Available!

The Plumber Company of Rhode Island is a National Grid partner. We offer many financing options. You may qualify to receive a 0% interest energy loan for the installation of a high-efficiency heating unit or 1% financing from RI Energy for an oil to gas conversion. RI Energy is honoring National Grid rebates of energy efficient equipment until the end of 2022.

We Make It Easy to Switch from an Oil to a Gas Furnace

We will help you through the entire process, from securing financing, removing your oil-fired furnace, getting the gas line into your home, and installing your new natural gas furnace. We coordinate with the National Grid and we ensure you meet the National Grid guidelines so you can receive your cash rebate when the work is completed.

Converting Oil Boilers to Gas

Oil boilers can also be converted to natural gas if your existing equipment is in serviceable condition. We'll clean the boiler completely, install a gas burner and a natural-gas-rated barometric damper in the flue pipe. We'll run a properly sized gas pipe to the new burner and hook up the required electrical and gas connections. Once we test the burner for combustion and efficiency, the boiler will be ready to go.

Call today to schedule your free estimate and learn how easy it is to convert from oil to natural gas heat. We guarantee that your only regret will be that you didn't convert to gas sooner.

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