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Correcting Plumbing Code Violations

Plumbing Code Violations in Rhode Island

Rhode Island is full of wonderful old houses. However, old homes with character may also have something less pleasant: plumbing that does not meet code. This could be because the existing plumbing is so old that it predates plumbing codes. Another common cause of plumbing code violations is homeowners who do their own plumbing work. Unsuspecting buyers purchase a house and find they need help correcting code violations.

At The Plumber Company, our Rhode Island-licensed technicians fix plumbing code violations. Our specialists include Master Plumbers and Master Pipefitters who know how to get the job done correctly. As a family-owned business, we know how important your home is to you. We treat your property the same way we would treat our own as we work to correct plumbing code violations.

Examples of the Plumbing Code Violations We Fix

Our Rhode Island plumbers repair all types of plumbing code violations including:

  • Improper slope: If a pipe is not at the right pitch, sinks and bathtubs may not drain properly, water can back up and leaks may occur. Pipes need to be pitched correctly toward the sewer line to drain effectively.
  • Inadequate number of cleanouts: Cleanouts need to be spaced properly—not more than 100 feet apart. Codes also require that cleanouts be installed at each place where a line changes direction more than 345 degrees. Otherwise, dealing with future blockages and other problems can be much more difficult. In addition to the number of cleanouts, codes also require that cleanouts won't be covered by anything and won't be near anything where water could be a serious problem.
  • Inadequate space around a toilet: There should be at least 15" between the center line of a toilet and a finished wall on either side.
  • Improper bathroom venting: Vents should go outside the structure and not into an attic, where moisture from steamy bathrooms can create mold and rot.
  • Incorrect installation of water heater pressure and temperature relief controls: Without these controls functioning correctly, the pressure in a hot water heater can get too high. If it ruptures, the tank could expel scalding water and metal shards into the surrounding area, potentially causing significant injuries. To avoid such a catastrophe, have your water heart installed by a pro.

You can find descriptions of these and other code violations at

Call a Rhode Island Plumber for Help with Code Violations

If you want your old house to be up to code or you are thinking about selling you home and suspect code violations, our licensed plumbers and pipefitters can help. We are highly knowledgeable about the requirements of state and local codes and can make sure your house is in compliance, improving your safety and the value of your home. We serve commercial and residential customers throughout Rhode Island, including Providence, Cranston, Johnston, Newport, Warwick and North Kingstown. Call us to learn more.

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