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RPZ Testing in RI

Backflow Monitoring and Prevention With RPZ Devices in Rhode Island

Plumbing backflow problems are significant enough that many cities and towns in Rhode Island require monitoring of residential and commercial plumbing systems to prevent backflow and ensure the safety of drinking water. Uneven or differential pressure, whatever the cause, is the source of many backflow problems. It is possible to monitor the pressure within the pipes of residential and commercial water systems with devices such as a backflow tester, also known as an RPZ (Reduced Pressure Zone) device. However, these devices must be tested and sometimes recalibrated to ensure accurate reporting.

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At The Plumber Company, our Rhode Island certified technicians test RPZ devices. Regular RPZ testing ensures that the devices are doing what they are supposed to do, which is to monitor pressure differentials that cause plumbing backflow. Testing RPZ devices helps residential and commercial building owners avoid the health problems and individual expense involved with plumbing backflow. Our team of certified plumbers also repairs broken water mains and other causes of backflow.

What is Backflow?

Backflow is the term used to describe the consequences of a cross-connection or back pressure in a plumbing system that affects drinking water supply lines. A backflow problem can result in contaminated water entering the drinking water pipes, causing illness among the users of the plumbing system. Briefly stated, water in plumbing systems is supposed to flow in one direction. When it does not, there may be a backflow problem that affects water safety.

Signs of a Possible Backflow Problem

Homeowners and commercial property managers should be alert to problems such as:

  • A strong smell of sulfur that lingers even when the faucets are turned off
  • Slow water flow or weak water pressure even when the drains are cleaned and operating properly
  • A change in water color, such as going from clear to brownish, yellow, or pink
  • Particles in the water
  • Bad taste in the water

Signs like these can be symptoms of a plumbing backflow. It is important to have a certified plumber perform the necessary tests to determine the cause of the water problems.

Causes of Backflow Problems

Backflow is really a symptom of other plumbing system problems. These can include:

  • Back siphonage: Municipal water main breaks between wastewater pipes and clean water pipes in structures attached to a water system, creating a suctioning problem that forces wastewater into drinking water
  • Back pressure: Breaks in the sewer lines, either within the structure or to the street, can cause the pressure in the wastewater pipes to increase and send wastewater into the clean water supply pipes

In addition to testing the RPZ devices that check for water pressure differential, our RI plumber repair the problems that caused the differential in the first place.

Call a Rhode Island RPZ Tester for Backflow Prevention

If you think a backflow problem is affecting your Rhode Island drinking water, call The Plumber Company. Based in Cranston, we serve residential and commercial customers throughout the state, testing and recalibrating RPZ devices and devising solutions to the problems that cause uneven water pressure. Telephone 401-270-2900.


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